April, 12th, 2023

011  Steinplatte Parkshooting 2023 - PicDrop

Season 2022/23 is over.
Thanks to all the big and small shredheads who visited us and a big thank you to all our partners.
We say goodbye to the summer break.
All the best
Your High Five Snowparks team

April, 3th, 2023


Last weekend the final of the BSV Burton Kids Snowboard Tour took place here. Many thanks to all parents, children and the Bavarian Snowboard Association. You can find all the pictures here.

March, 21th, 2023

Frame 11

The end of the season for the Kids Snowboard Tour of Snowboardbayern is getting closer and that's being celebrated properly! Where would that be better than in the Steinplatte snow park on April 1st and 2nd? You can already take curves and lifts and are between 6 and 12 years old? Then join us!
The weekend is packed with fun, learning, good vibes and snowboarding one last time with kids of the same age.

On Saturday you have the opportunity to learn tricks from our top coaches. They give you many valuable tips to improve your driving technique and skills! On Sunday you can then put your skills to the test in a contest. But the focus here is on having fun! There are cool prizes to be won!
So, what are you waiting for?
Let's shreeeed!
Registration here

March, 12th, 2023


Last Saturday we held our STEP IN THE ARENA contest for the second time. It's a hike and rail contest in the form of a jam. What was special about this format was that only the best driver in all categories was crowned king of the ARENA. You can find pictures for the event here.

March, 8th, 2023

283  Shred Kids Steinplatte by Klaus Listl - Freezing Motions - PicDrop

Steinplatte Freestyle Camp Review

Last weekend, 50 kids and their families came together on the Steinplatte for the now well-known Shred Kids Freestyle Camp. The Highfive Snowpark was perfectly shaped and once again offered the ideal area for young boarders and freeskiers. The aim of the camp was to try out and improve new tricks, learn variable obstacles, jump over kickers, edges and corners, fine-tune skills you have already mastered and above all one thing: have fun together in the snow and go shredding with like-minded people! A number of tubes, boxes, rails, kickers and variable jumps were ready, so that everyone's eyes - including those of the ski and snowboard coaches - lit up.
During the lunch break in the cozy mountain hut, new energy was recharged for new tricks. Then there was no time to lose and straight back into the snow!
On Sunday afternoon, during the joint jib session, full commitment was shown when driving and cheering on the shred buddies. There were cool tricks and jibs from all the kids to celebrate, because the progress in park skills was enormous!
In the end, of course, nobody had to go home empty-handed, but the well-filled goodie bags including a cool Shred Kids shirt were distributed, and brand new helmets were given to the "best bailes".
Many thanks to our partners Blue Tomato, Nitro, K2, Burton, as well as Highfive Snowparks and to the Steinplatte for the great prizes and support of the Shred Kids Events!

You can find pictures of the camp here.

February, 13th, 2023

018  Public Photoshooting Steinplatte 2023 - WEB

Public photoshoot

Once again photographer Klaus Listl from Freezingmotion came to our park to take photos of all the riders.
Thank you for your effort, the pictures look fantastic :)

Here you can view and download your photos.

February, 7th, 2023

Yesterday we had a visit from Checker Tobi in our park. He wanted to see the construction of a snow park behind the scenes. Of course he had to lend a hand right away and shaped a new easy kicker with us. Today there was a little freestyle coaching with Mia Wocher.
Stay tuned for the next episode with Checker Tobi "der Ski-Check"!

January, 21th, 2023

004  Public Photoshooting Steinplatte 2023 - WEB

We've gotten a lot of snow in the last few days and are using it to expand the park. Look forward to new features, hips and side jumps.

January, 5th-6th, 2023


Shred Kids - Freestyle Camp

You can find a photo recap here.

January, 1st, 2023

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to everyone from the Snowpark Steinplatte crew.

December, 24th, 2022


Park is open!

You can find our recent setup under this link.

December, 9th, 2022

Snowpark will be open approximately on Christmas.
You can always find the recent news on our social media channels.

November, 28th, 2022


Update season opening

October, 20th, 2022

Season 22/23

Opening: 16. Dezember 2022
Closing: 9. April 2023

March 16th, 2022


Finally we got slush

Since mid of March spring is finally here. Warm temperatures and soft snow are letting the riders motivation going up pretty strong. The big update within our Main Section is finished. New changes or builds are: Kicker 12m, Corner on Kicker Line, Tank, C-Tube, Industry-Tube, Downrail, Rooftop and Lollipop. End Section got it’s update too. Up Rail to Big Tank Multiobstacle is new and a small step down kicker will follow soon. Our corner within the End Section was build again with more snow.
Weather forecast says sun the whole day everyday - so slush time in the park can begin!


Our Freestyle Photoshooting the first weekend in March brought again lots of amazing shots - gallery can be found here.
Photo gallery of the girls coaching can be found here.
The kids had a lot of fun and were working on new tricks last weekend at the Shred Kids Freestyle Camp. Photos are available under the following link.
Next Saturday 19th of March we got the girls and boys from Sick Trick Tour with a Family Day as our guests.
Last Saturday this month, the 26th of March we will have a freestyle event happening. Go-shred will host the „Step in the Arena“ Contest. More information about this event can be found here.
On the last weekend we will celebrate season end with you guys with some small side events. This will be happing on 2nd of April. On 3rd of April park won’t be open as usual. More information coming soon.

February 21st, 2022


Spring Times ahead

After we ain’t got loads of snow in January, in the beginning of Februar we finally got some fresh snow from above. A lot of features were build with that fresh snow and End Section has an 8m kicker again and also a big corner jump. So shape crew was pretty busy the last time and there were new things to discover every week.


With the February being a really calm month in respect of events - we have a planned for the March.
Next month will be starting with our all time favorite Freestyle Photoshooting with Freezing Motions on 5th of March.
Also there will be a girls coaching on that Saturday.
On the following weekend will be the second Shred Kids Freestyle Camp from 12th to 13th of March. More information about registration you can find here.
19th of March we have the Sick Trick Tour Family Day marked in our event calendar.
On the last weekend of March the 26th, we will have a freestyle event hosted by go-shred. This time it’s „Step in the Arena“ in a rail format. More information about this event is coming soon.

January 18th, 2022


Happy New Year everyone

After we had slush like in the springtime from Christmas til new year, now it seems like Winter is coming back. A lot of people enjoyed the warm temperatures during Christmas holidays.
With begging of January we got the long awaited snow from above and artificial snow production could start again. High Five Snowparks’ Shape Crew didn’t spare no efforts and built up nearly the whole park. We got 17 hits in line out of snow and metal. First kicker roller got an update too and is more massive now - also we got some new playful hits out of snow in the park. A list about recent setup is available as usual here.


First Shred Kids Freestyle Camp for this season went down at Snowpark Steinplatte in the beginning of January. Even the bad weather couldn’t stop the fun and motivation of the 20 participants. Link for a photo collection is here.
Last weekend it was finally that time again as we had Klaus Listl by Freezing Motions as our guest. Fine bluebird and lots of riders made a perfect combination for many great photos. A small selection as well as the download link can be found here.
The planned go-shred event „Step in the Arena“ has to be postponed to March. The recent pandemic status makes it hard to held such events at this time - we hope for your understanding a better situation in the spring.

Jib Garden Waidring

Since this winter Jib Garden is back at Hausberg Waidring as a night snowpark. The small but fine park will be open every Monday and Friday from 6 to 9 pm with floodlight. Entry is free and we will have some continuous changes in the setup during the whole season. Recent information under this link.

December 8th, 2021


Welcome back shredheads

We are pretty delighted to see all of you guys back in the park soon. Winter 21/22 is starting slowly but surely at Steinplatte. Last low pressure areas brought a well base for the slopes with more than one meter of fresh snow and its gonna be until opening on 17th of December 2021 if weather forecast is right. We have constant temperatures below zero degree mark at the mountain and artificial snow production is running at full throttle. High Five Shape Crew is gathering in the valley and already started the first terrain work in the park this week. Features will be set within next week, so take a close look at our social media channels for latest updates.
Everyone is super motivated and looking forward to opening on 17th with a first small but fine setup. With opening of the ski resort, park will be enlarged part by part to finish the full line as soon as possible.


High Five - Five Hits / Video Contest
With beginning of the winter season we will have a online video contest at Snowpark Steinplatte. „High Five - Five Hits“ will be hosted in cooperation with More details about this contest are available soon under this link.

Freestyle Photoshooting
Klaus Listl by Freezing Motions is ready to take your photoshot. Just have a look where Klaus is hanging out and show your best tricks at that element. You can check your photos on our homepage and on Facebook later.

Shred Kids - Freestyle Camp
This freestyle camp is designed for kids and is part of the Kids Snowboard Tour by Snowboard Bayern. Snowpark Steinplatte is one part of the BSV Tour with coaching and contest feeling. Participation is possible for both snowboard and ski.
You will have lessons by professional coaches in our park for two days including photo sessions, BBQ and more.
Requirement to join the event is a safe riding on the slopes - freestyle experience isn’t necessary.

More details about all events are availible soon here.

September 28th, 2021


Welcome back park people 🙋‍♂️

We got great news for you. Every feature is well serviced.
But more important: We will have the full setup back (as you know it) and the whole park crew is gonna shape together again for your shred pleasure 🤗

So the upcoming winter season will be as normal as it gets in these times.
We are looking forward to see everybody of you guys again soon.
If weather is on our side, we expect to open in the beginning of December with a first setup.

March 31st, 2021


Goodbye Season 20/21

Season 2020/2021 at Steinplatte is offically since this week.
With a lot of sunshine and slush, everybody had an awesome season ending in the park.
With a lot of unexpected circumstances within this unusual winter, we want to say a big thank you to all involved: shredders, shapers, supporters, filmers and photographers, personal and ski rescue from Steinplatte, as well as TVB Pillerseetal.

We hope you all get healthy through this summer and that we can see each other back next year with a little bit more "normality" in the park.

March 2nd, 2021


Good News everyone !

We got some good news for you! Ski resort Steinplatte decided to open again on next weekend (6th-7th of March).
If there won't be any further restrictions by the government and no bad weather forecast, lifts should be running on weekends in March.
So also the park is open again for you on every saturday and sunday.

February 13th, 2021

Last Saturday the top filmer Jonas Schnürch was again guest at our park.
With best conditions und a lot of motivated shred buddies, the next episode of High Five Shred Together was filmed. You can watch the result here now.

Webseries Vol. 2 20/21 - High Five Shred Together

Big thx to Jonas Schnürch for film & cut
Also thx to all the riders: Tobias Heigenhauser, Christian Kirsch, Reinhard Kranawendter, Andi Wörgötter.

Also we have some information how the rest of the season. Steinplatte will be operate every day until 14th of February. After that time, lifts will be closed until end of February. The ski resort will be deciding to reopen again on weekends in March by the end of the month.

January 18th, 2021´n-Roll-Wall-Steinplatte-AUT-Florian-Kraheberger

A different kind of winter

Finally we got gifted by Mrs Holle with a whole lot of fresh snow. Our first medium/pro line from turn of the year will be enlarged step by step with some new features. You can find our latest setup here and on our Instagram Channel.

Also for Snowpark Steinplatte it is not an easy winter. The High Five Shape Crew adjusted to the current situation and it was important to us to build the park in its whole length. So the variety of lines is limited to that one line, but we can offer something fun for every rider level. This line contains a number of 17 hits of metal and snow.

Here you can find a little tidbit from last week: The first Episode of our Webseries High Five Shred Together.

Webseries Vol. 1 20/21 - High Five Shred Together

First Episode is out now. Watch some heavy tricks, nice weather and happy shred buddies. Big thx to Jonas Schnürch for film & cut Also thx to all the riders: ...

We expect no big changes in this winter’s park offering due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Also our shape crew is not working with the whole man power like in a normal winter. Still we are pretty happy to offer a fun version of Snowpark Steinplatte to all you freestyle enthusiasts.

Different shred gangs from all over Austria visited our park and had a lot of fun.You can find a current report from some riders on Snowboarder MBM.

Good news! On 13th of February we expect to have our well known Freestyle Photoshooting with top photographer Klaus Listl by Freezing Motions in the park. Use that chance to get some nice shred photos this season.

December 23rd, 2020


The best gift for christmas - Snowpark Steinplatte is opening

We got some good news for you guys - at least for everyone on the Austrian side of Steinplatte. From 25th of December on, Snowpark Steinplatte is open every day like usual. Mid Section will be open with a number of 10 hits for the next time. As soon as the conditions get better, Main and End Section will be open too, so we can offer the full length (1.500 meters) of our snowpark.
We hope that we can welcome all our numerous Bavarian guest by mid of next January.
Additional easy hits and Triassic Funline will be build as soon as we have more snow.
All events are canceled until February. With an ongoing positive development in the Covid-19 situation we can offer some events for end of the season.

We wish you all a merry christmas and stay healthy!

March 19th, 2020


Goodbye Season 19/20
As any other resort or park, we had to close our gates way earlier than expected. Due to COVID-19 Virus season 19/20 is officially over since last weekend. But health and safety for everybody is more important in these times instead of shredding.
We hope all you guys can understand.
Anyway big thanks for another awesome season to all shredders, locals, shapers, groomers, gapers, supporters, partners (go-shred, Freezing Motions, IOU Snow, Tourismusverband Pillerseetal, Shred Kids) and the Steinplatte team.

If we think back about this winter in the park, we think about the rare natural snow (by comparison to last winter). All in all it was a winter with little precipitation, but temperatures were on our side and we could produce a lot of artificial snow for a first setup in Christmas time nearly at full park length.
Beginning of January we could open the End Section and so you could ride a first playful mix on 1.5 kilometer length. A lot of new people in the park were a sign that the setup went down well.
From relatively good weather in January it changed to April-weather like in February. It was like a bit of snow, then short after this slush with 12 degrees, then cold again and storm and then warm again with rain…
End of February park was set up to the spring time with some changes. We were getting lots of natural snow in the beginning of March. Best time (for many) was starting and we were sure to have enough snow to make it until end of season in mid of April.
Our creative spring setup was hyped a lot like you can see in the photos of the top photographer by Freezing Motions. Here is the gallery link.
We wish we could end the season as planned and enjoy the spring times with you in the park, but now we start to focus on next season mentally.

We wish you a good summer. Stay healthy and happy!
See you next season 20/21

February 20th, 2020


Slush and weather like in April
Changeable and untypical weather for that time of the year, but best conditions to shred at Snowpark Steinplatte. A lot of riders already did their first runs with just a hoodie or t-shirt and were enjoying the warm spring conditions.
Who is searching for a lot of transitions and a varied line? Then you can find lots of possibilities at our park.
The two volcanos were rebuild a little bit bigger with the fresh snow from the past weeks. Also Medium Kicker Line is extended with a new roller and a corner and we adjusted some jib hits to the actual terrain.
A few weeks ago the excellent photographer from Freezing Motions was our guest again for a spontaneous night shooting. You can have a look at a selection of the photos at his instagram.

Triassic Funline
If you are looking for variety Triassic Funline is the best option for you. For big and small, young and old the section has different elements and fun passages.
Fun at the mountain starts at a very young age and small rewards are the best for kids. Thats why we will host another sick trick tour family day on the 7th of March. We’ll have a scavenger hunt with prices for everybody, competitions and music as well as Snowpark coaching for freestyle interested kids.

Last weekend we enjoyed the Shred Kids Freestyle Camp in pure sunshine. We had 26 kids between 6 and 14 years and their coaches destroy the park, learning new tricks and improving their technique and most of all having fun. You can find the photos here.
On the 14th of March Klaus from Freezing Motions will be in the park again. The second Freestyle Photoshoot should take place with pleasant spring temperatures and hopefully splendid weather. Come around to get your shoot, we will upload them on for you as usual our website.
You can find more information about all the events and registration as usual on our event page.

February 7th, 2020


Game of go-shred Recap

On Friday, the 31st of January, we went to Steinplatte to deliver our event stuff to prepare the first GAME of go-shred of the season 2020. We were stoked to collaborate once more with the High Five Snowpark crew and to be back in this well-known resort for the weekend. Once we managed to bring all the stuff up to the park, we all took some well-deserved rest, and waited like kids on Christmas for Saturday morning to come!
On Saturday the 1st of February, D-Day for the first GAME of go-shred, we arrived around 10:00 at the Höhen parking and headed to the park to prepare the last things before starting the event. The weather was perfect to welcome the GAME, bluebird, slushy snow, and lots of motivation. Thanks to everybody´s help, we managed to set up the tents, banners, barbecue, and registration in no time, and already the first participants were showing up. At 11:00 we started the registration, and were chilling and chatting waiting for all the participants to warm up, and sign up for the event. At 12:20 we started the GAME. We made 8 groups, within each 5-6 members, with a total of 45 participants. We explained the rules once last time, and then we let the teams head off to the different challenge stations to fill up their table.
While everybody was having fun participating in the games, we started the barbecue and served delicious buns with sausages, and free drinks to all the participants, who started to be hungry and thirsty after all these activities.
Under a blue sky and a warm sun, the last teams finished their GAME, and around 15:15 we started the award ceremony. Everybody was stoked by the prizes from Stance, Giro Snow, Volcom and thanks to the support of Pillerseetal - Kitzbüheler Alpen, one lucky participant won a night for 2 in the area and 2x2 ski pass for Steinplatte!
It was amazing to see your happy faces and your motivation for this very first stop of our GAME of go-shred TOUR 2020. We want to thank all the participants, guests, Steinplatte, the High Five Snowpark crew and for sure all our supporters and friends from the industry: Skatehalle Innsbruck, Stance, Volcom and Giro Snow.

January 28th, 2020


Deluxe shred at Snowpark Steinplatte
A lot of sun and best conditions: It could describe January 2020. Numerous riders from all over payed us a visit and destroyed the park. „Wow“, „nice“, „super fun“ and „we’re coming again for sure“ were the rider’s resonances. Where else in Tyrol you can find 15 hits in line with lots of combinations of snow and metal on the full lift length of 1.5 km.
So nearly everyday best weather and few fresh snow in forecast - nonetheless lots of elements could be build since beginning of new year and first medium kicker with 10 meters is now waiting for you at our jump line. Besides that there are two volcanos with 3 and 6 meters table giving you more airtime at Snowpark Steinplatte.
Alltogether there 23 different jibs and 6 different jumps open daily. End Section is also rebuild and the recent setup is now 6m Flat Industry, 8m Rainbow Industry, 6m Wallride and 10m up down Tube. You can find more information about the current setup here.
So the park looks pretty fine. Most of the elements found its place thanks to good artificial snow production by the ski resort and park design by High Five Snowparks is again well playful.
Mellow Madness crew with snowboard pro Kirschi used the good weather to check out our park. Here you can find the video from this day.

Triassic Funline
Funline is open now since beginning of January. Many different elements like the tunnel, the xylophon dinosaur, the target, different dinosaur figures and high five hands are available. Soon there will be more and especially new elements build up. Besides that banks and waves will be adjusted a little bit with better snow level. So be curious about the future and convince yourself about what you can discover.

Soon it’s time again for the game of go-shred (1st of February) in our snowpark.In known go-shred style we will have plenty of challenges to improve your skills. From highest olli and duckwalk race to the Skatehalle Innsbruck SNOWSKATE award, the challenges are for every age and every level.
Within next holiday season in February we continue with the Shred Kids Camp (15th-16th February) - a camp for ski and snowboard enthusiastic kids with professional coaches. The days will be attend by photo and video session and with lots of nice goodies. Registration is available and following Link.
You can find more information about all the events and registration as usual on our event page.

December 29th, 2019


Jib fans watch out!
The whole stash of features is placed at the park and High Five Snowparks’ shape crew is pretty motivated to turn a lot of ideas from summer into reality. The crew is working again at Snowpark Steinplatte since mid of December. The first jibs and jumps could be build up even with a low snow level. Park is already open on it’s full length with 14 hits in line. All in all there are round about 20 different features out of metal and snow. Right now artificial snow production is running for the kicker line and we hope to start working on it soon. As soon as there will be more snow the rest of our setup will be enlarged.

Triassic Funline
There is a lot new to discover soon on Triassic Funline for young and old. The tunnel, numerous waves and banks will be build up soon. Through a lack of snow there will be some elements closed in the beginning - as soon as conditions get better, setup will be enlarged fastly. Then there are waiting different new dinosaurs, high five hands and other highlights along the course.

The Freestyle Photoshooting was happening in the park shortly after Christmas. Special Photographer Klaus Listl by Freezing Motions was our guest again. Have a look at it under this Link. Who missed the photoshooting on this day gets another chance to participate on 14th of March.
As next we got the 1st of February marked in our event calendar with the one and only game of go-shred. In known go-shred style we will have plenty of challenges to improve your skills. From highest olli and duckwalk race to the Skatehalle Innsbruck Snowskate award, the challenges are for every age and every level.

You can find more information about all the events and registration as usual under

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!

November 8th, 2019

123 Public Photoshooting High Five Snowpark HR Kopie 2

Winter is approaching
Lifts start spinning again soon and the team around Snowpark Steinplatte is ready for another season with lots of highlights. Whole ski resort is already packed with snow cannons. If conditions are good enough, artificial snow production will start end of November. Snow cannons in the park should be running on full throttle then.
The lifts are open daily from 7th of December 2019 on as usual and we hope to present you a first setup on season start, if weather is on our side.

What’s new in the park?
All obstacles have had their service in the past weeks. Everything was adjusted to the colors of the ski resort and is waiting for build up now. This season new is a 8m kink box, a low 6m industry tube and a 8m rainbow industry built by IOU Snow.

There will be a lot to experience for young and old this winter.
We will start the event season with our „Freestyle Photoshooting“ on 28th of December 2019. Klaus Listl from Freezing Motions is in the park on that day to take nice action shots of you guys. For those who doesn’t have time on that day, you get another chance on 14th of March 2020.
On 1st of February 2020 we will host a freestyle contest in cooperation with go-shred.
100% self-made, 200% localism, 300% SHRED is the motto of this years „Game of go-shred“. Like it’s known for go-shred, there will be lots of different challanges. From Highest Olli, to Duckwalk competition, ski pole long throw and the Skatehalle Innsbruck Snowskate Award - there is room for every age group at our freestyle event.

Pay attention kids:
From 15th to 16th of February 2020 ShredKids Freestyle Camp will take place in the park. Two days full of action for freestyle enthusiastic kids and for those who want to become enthusiastic.
More information under
This camp is for both ski and snowboard.

Fun on the mountain is already starting in child age and small rewards are the best thing for kids. Therefor we have the Sick Trick Tour Family Day on 7th of March 2020 More informations under

We will end the season like every year with our Gaperday on 11th of April 2020. A fine spring session with BBQ, DJ, side events and a special park setup to celebrate the season.

All further information about dates and registration are online right now under Events.

At Triassic Funline are some news and updates too for our little guests - two different elements can be discovered. Experience a run with Triassi and his friends over waves, banks, small kickers and an exciting tunnel passage.The Triassic Funline will be open in full length as soon as possible with improved snow guarantee through artificial snow production.

As usual we will keep you updated on our FB and Instagram channels.

April 8th, 2019


Thanks for an awesome Season !
On last weekend in March conditions for Gaperday were perfect as always: sun, slush, warm temperatures and a creative special setup. The big amount of snow played a big role for this years setup design. The decision was to build many transitions and snow hits (corners, vulcanos, bowls) with lots of possibilities to combine.So countless Gaper came together to celebrate season ending at Snowpark Steinplatte in an appropriate way. Besides many beer runs, tasty BBQ, funny lift rides and crazy outfits we had some small side events for the first time. Lots of prizes were given out while we had our Goodies for Tricks Gaperday Session and you could see many great outfits at the Best Outfit Contest. Thanks to our sponsors Steinplatte, Lib Tech and High Five Snowparks for the prizes.You can find the link to the photo gallery HERE. Also a recap video will be uploaded soon on our Youtube channel.
Park is now closed since first week of April and ski resort Steinplatte was closing its doors lately. Summer is knocking on the door.
When we think back about last season, what first comes is the 2018 setup, which couldn’t last long due to tons of snow and so we had to build the park again from mid of January on. Finally we had more than enough snow on the mountain and park could be build in its full length. In February we had numerous events and the first slushy days. March went on with sometimes ordinary but sometimes great spring weather with lots of slush and happy park riders.
Last but not least we wanna say to all of you: shaper, locals, shredder, lift boys, helper, premium photographer Klaus - Freezing Motions, Martin from go-shred, BBQ-Master Robby, participants, Frau Holle, team from Steinplatte and mountain rescue team many many thanks for everything! It was again an overwhelming season and we are already looking forward to next winter.

March 20th, 2019


Springtime !!!
This season is drawing to a close slowly, but best conditions in the park are providing the right conclusion of the winter.A lot of sunshine and soft snow are raising the mood noticeable on the mountain.
The shape crew by High Five Snowparks is digging and pushing a lot of snow every afternoon to have clean takeoffs in the park as usual on a daily basis.
Next week we gonna rebuild a last time for our legendary closing event Gaperday. Because of that we are closing small parts of the park for a short time - but rest will be open. Like every year you can expect a fine creative closing setup.

Last Saturday the two guys from Red Bull Felix Georgi and Lukas Joas were our guest with a coaching session.
On Sunday it went on - with best weather - with the Sprungbrett Finals by snowboard pro Nicola Trost. A lot of motivated kids had participated and lots of new tricks were tried and landed. You can find a recap gallery HERE.
On 30th of March it’s finally GAPERDAY again! Like usual there will be a special setup, BBQ, a DJ with the fitting beats for this day and hopefully a lot of sunshine. Also there will be a few side events - more infos coming soon.

February 27th, 2019

207 Public Photoshooting Steinplatte SOCIAL   -   Wall

Soon Slush Season is on!
The number of daily sun hours is rising continuously and same thing is happening with temperatures. Spring season is in full swing. Thanks to the massive snow falls in January, the park is looking as nice as never before. Last changes are made for now. A few updates will be come in the beginning of March, when holidays are over. We will build a few funny hits out of snow, which gonna loosen the jib lines while its slushy. High Five Snowparks shape crew as well as the whole park community are looking forward to soft and warm slushy runs through the park. After a day full of action, you need to enjoy the sunset - small hint: Best thing is to park at the „Höhenparkplatz Mautstraße“ Waidring to get the last sun rays in an easy way.

Last updates on Triassic Funline are done as well. All new elements are build in the line. Among others our new „Dino-Xylophon“ - did you try to ring it yet? Recent pictures are available here.

The go-shred „Plattenbingo“ was a good event, despite snow fall and fog. Numerous participants were busy filling out bingo sheets and were rewarded abundant for that. Watch the recap here.
From 13th to 17th of February we had pro snowboarder Kalle Ohlson with his Blue Parks Camps as guests. Weather was spring like, a lot of new tricks were learned and new friendships were made too.Freezithe result uB
We had a great weekend for young and old. Top photographer Klaus Listl - Freezing Motions was there to take a lot of nice shots. You can watch the result under following link. Besides that Sick Trick Tour was our guest with their Kids Day. Different activities for kids and a paper chase through the Triassic Funline were happening this day.
Mark the 9th of March in your calendar if you don’t have anything else to do. There will be a free shuttle bus from Innsbruck and Munich to Steinplatte and back. You can’t go the mountains more eco friendly and uncomplicated.
On 17th of March it’s Sprungbrett Finals with pro snowboarder Nicola Trost. This event is open for all kids with the age from 5 to 15.Nicola and her coaches will support you the whole day learning new tricks. A professional photographer will attend the whole event.
On 30th of March it’s time for GAPERDAY again! Like every year there will be a special setup, BBQ, a DJ with fitting music and hopefully a lot of sunshine.

February 20th, 2019


Recap Blue Parks Kids Camp 2019
For the third time, Blue Parks Kids Camps with pro snowboarder Kalle Ohlson and his coaching team was happening from 13th-14th and 16th-17th of February. A week full of action!

It started off with 30 cm of fresh snow, so that landings were soft to try out new tricks. Camp 1 was starting on Wednesday with finest sunshine and perfect conditions at Snowpark Steinplatte. The whole day was like coaching, laughing and learning new tricks together.At noon everybody was coming together at the chillarea to eat fresh bbq. After lunch the backflip jump session was on.
This jump was build especially for the kids to learn the first upside down tricks. The group was pretty motivated and new tricks went down easily.

The second camp day was also a lot of sun and spring like temperatures. The „Mini Contest“ was the crowning ending for all participants in the afternoon to show which new tricks were learned. Everybody was happy about the great prices sponsored by Blue Tomato, Vans, Ride Snowboards, Steinplatte and Kitzbühler Alpen.
With one day pause the next camp was starting off for the weekend. Weather was still spring like, a lot of new tricks were learned and new friendships were made too.

So we at Snowpark Steinplatte and the whole Blue Parks Team want to say thanks a lot to all participants and sponsors. Without you this awesome camp wouldn’t be possible. We are looking forward to the next camps in 2020.

January 31st, 2019


Finally more snow than we need in the park!

After nearly three weeks of snowfall non stop our shape crew could finally start working again. Never before we had so much snow in the park - it’s already more snow than the whole last winter.The terrain was rebuild again and first kicker roller were pushed by the cat. Obstacles were searched, found and digged out of more than 2 meters of snow. A double medium kicker line with final corner jump are ready to shred. All sections are open again since Saturday the 26th of January and the final setup is soon reached. Right now there are more than 20 hits in line possible - out of snow and metal.

The Triassic Funline is open again as well since last weekend. The line was expanded and enlarged with a lot of new snow. Numerous new elements were build along the track. A few small last changes will be made soon - so stay tuned about whats to come.

The Austria Freeski Day (26.01.) at Steinplatte - despite snow chaos a success. The kids trained jumping technique, sliding boxes, riding switch and first rotations. Everybody was happy at end of the event, but furthermore exhausted from a day full of action. You can have a look at the pictures here.
February is kicking off with the Plattenbingo by go-shred on first Saturday. This means filling out bingo sheets and get a lot of the prices. Judged will tricks on rails and kickers. Registration is possible till eleven o’clock in the park.
Pro Snowboarder Kalle Ohlson is back with his Blue Parks Kids Camp. This time there will be two dates - 13th-14th and 16th-17th of February. The first camp will start within the week and second will be happen on weekend. There are coaches for free ski and snowboard to give you support for your tricks.
End of the month the last Public Photoshooting by Freezing Motions will be happen on 23th of February. A professional photographer is in the park this day to take a lot of action shots of you. As always the pictures can be downloaded after a few days here on our homepage.

Dezember 29th, 2018

252 Public Photoshooting Steinplatte SOCIAL   -   Down Industry

Artificial snow and hopefully lots of snow in the upcoming year
Artificial snow production during the cold last weeks did pay out. Finally we could start our work in the park. High Five Snowparks’ Shape Crew is working hard since mid of December. A lot of artificial snow was pushed to create a first fun setup.Right now there are 18 hits made of snow and steel in the park - tendency rising. Hopefully there will be a lot of natural snow in the upcoming year 2019, so that the park can be expanded soon.Better weather and a lot of snow is in sight, if you can believe the weather forecast. So next time can be used good to continue building for the complete setup.

Triassic Funline
For young and old: Triassic Funline is open with some new elements since the last days.Sadly there is missing some due to bad snow conditions - as soon as the conditions are getting better, setup will be expanded. Different dinosaurs, high five hands and more elements are waiting for you then, placed over the whole line.The tunnel and numerous waves and banks are already open.

The public photoshooting was happening in the park shortly after Christmas. Special Photographer Klaus Listl by Freezing Motions was our guest. A lot of top photo shots had been taken again. Have a look at it here. We are happy to be host for Austria Freeski Days first time end of January (26.01).All ski riders aged from 8 to 16 years, regardless the skills are welcome to participate in the coaching sessions. More information about the event under. You can find more information about all the events and registration as usual under
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!

November 10th, 2018

265  Steinplatte Park 2018 Wasserzeichen LR_ Kopie 2

Soon its winter again
After a long beautiful summer 2018, High Five Snowparks Team reports back to you with brand-new updates about upcoming season 2018/2019. The whole ski area Steinplatte is already packed with snow cannons - if conditions allowing it, snow production will start by the end of the month. The park snow cannons should run at full blast too at this time. Lifts are open daily from 8th of December and we are looking forward to a first setup at the opening.
What’s new in the park?
All obstacles did get their service the last weeks und are waiting to be build up. New features this season are three blue tubes in different design. Furthermore the wall ride did get a general overhaul and now has a tube at the cooping.
This winter at Steinplatte will be awesome. We gonna start the event season with a „public photoshooting“ on the 29th of December. We will have Freezing Motions ready to take some nice action shots of you. To whom who got no time on this date, there is another chance on 23th of February for you.
On 2nd of February the freestyle contest "Plattenbingo" with our parttner go-shred will be happening. As is well known, tricks from the bingo sheet must be landed. A row of given tricks must be landed to achieve a BINGO.
New this year is, that not just rail tricks matter, kicker tricks will be judged too. So we will build a special slopestyle course for this contest, which includes one kicker and one rail adjusted to the different levels.
Kids watch out
On 26th of February the Austrian Free Ski Days will be happing at Snowpark Steinplatte. Learning freeski from pros, getting better with your tricks with like-minded people. So better register as fast as possible under
For all snowboard enthusiastic kids of you, we got two camps with snowboard pro Kalle Ohlson. Choose between during the week (13th-14th of February) or on the weekend (16th-17th of February).
Also Olympic medalist Nicola Trost and her team are again a guest of us with the final of the talentscouting series Sprungbrett on March 17.

Gaperday will be our season ending like every winter. We gonna celebrate this with a fine spring session including BBQ, DJ and a special obstacle.Further information about dates and registration are available now underthe link events.

There are some news and updates too for our little guests - three different elements can be discovered. Experience a run with Triassi and his friends over waves, banks, small kickers and an exciting tunnel passage.The Triassic Funline will be open in full length as soon as possible with improved snow guarantee through artificial snow production.

April 8th, 2018


Season End 2017/2018

The last shred days at Snowpark Steinplatte are in the books. Two weeks before season end, it was time for the shape crew to prepare everything for the last days. On plan was to adjust the park to spring conditions, to build special elements and to organize Gaperday.
Local rider used the chance to meet with Klaus Listl - Freezing Motions and to shoot the Gaperday setup at night. With 20 degrees felt on last saturday, the 7th of April, every rider could shred the special elements. This time we built a channel kicker with an up rail and a lot of possibilities to transfer. The second special element was a bowl with three different obstacles plus side corner landings.
Colorful outfits from the 80’s, BBQ, the fitting music, a lot of beer and best atmosphere around hundreds of gapers were topping it off. Gaperday was again a perfect season end party .You can find photos of this day here.
By this time the park is fully disassembled and we are already looking forward to next season.We - from High Five Snowparks - are saying goodbye for this winter. We wish everyone a nice summer and thanks for shredding at Snowpark Steinplatte!!

March 21st, 2018

52 Sick Trick Tour Steinplatte 2018 LOW RES

Slush Time

„Gogglefaces“ are getting bigger, jackets stay in the park entry and the sun stands high in the sky. This only can mean one thing: Spring is coming and slushy days get more and more.The last weeks of season 17/18 begun and will be enjoyed to the fullest.After possibly last onset of winter, there are a few changes in the park. High Five Snowparks crew was using the time and was rebuilding in all Sections. The kicker line in main section was fully revised and partly new built. In mid section some hits were relocated and in end section a new multi obstacle occurred with three take offs.

In march we had certain highlightsThe month started with the Sprungbrett Finals around Olympic winner Nicola Thost. She was a first time guest in our park with her talent scouting and coaching series. Bright smiles from all participants and organisators couldn’t be overlooked. A lot of sunshine and best conditions led to a perfect event. We say many thanks again to all involved. You can find pictures and videos here.

STT goes back to the rootsOn 17th of march time has come. Sick Trick Tour 2018 was back again at Steinplatte after exactly 10 years. Around 50 participants from near and far on skis and snowboards were gathering in the park to rock the slopestyle line. This year is STT 15th anniversary. Happy birthday and keep it up!!! Recap under videos.

Best things come famously in the end. On 7th of april is Gaperday. Like every year there is gonna be a big build for a perfect ending of the season. Our DJ will serve you again with the matching beats and there will be tasty hotdogs. So get your outfit together and mark the day in your calendar. 7th of april is the last day in the park. The ski resort stays open until 8th of april!

See you up there

February 26th, 2018

 117  Steinplatte Park 2018 Wasserzeichen LR_ Kopie

The days are getting longer!

Not matter if snow, wind, arctic cold or long dark nights - the shape crew is working in any wind or weather for more than three months now to maintain the park with its more then 40 hits. Slowly but surely you can feel it. Days are getting warmer, sun is standing higher and higher every day and warms the riders faces. Holidays in february are ending soon and it’s gonna be a bit more quite around the mountain. The fine slush sessions can start. Here and there gonna be some changes in the park.
Snow base is very good this year, so everybody in the shape crew stays calm about the upcoming tasks. No matter if it’s about building new hits, events or longer warmth phases, the park is looking good as it never did before.
P.S.: More daylight means more time to shred to at Snowpark Steinplatte. Since 10th of february lifts are running again until 16:30.
During holidays Triassic Funline is frequented a lot and makes young and old happy. So it was time to adjust the banks, waves and jumps to prepare them for the last phase of winter. Also there gonna be some reconstruction and little surprises.

The Blue Parks Winter Weekend is in the books. It was a lot of shredding together, learning new tricks, bbq sessions and laughing. Numerous participants aged 6-15 years were part of it. Kalle and his team hosted a great event with us. A recap video from Blue Parks is following soon. Next year in february the camp starts again.
The second Public Photoshooting from 10th of february was a big success again. A lot of nice pictures arose from this event. Have a look on this pictures here
On sunday the 4th of march, Sprungbrett Talent Scouting is marked in the calendar. We offer a basis to enthusiastic junior snowboarders, to come a bit closer to their dream as a pro. At the best resorts and parks the rookies are having their lessons with experienced coaches and having the chance to be discovered. Everybody who loves freestyle snowboarding and is between 5-15 years can be part of Sprungbrett. Registration under
Sick Trick Tour Final at 17th of March: Under the motto back to the roots. To celebrate its 15-years existence Sick Trick Tour is returning to its roots and gonna fascinate all participants with a massive Setup. This slopestyle contest is open for everybody too. The Finale is also Part of World Snowboard Tour, World Rookie Tour, Austrian Snowboard Masters and Freeski Austria rankings. Price money and material prices worth more than € 8.000,- are possible to win. Infos about registration and about the event are available under
On 7th of april the season ending is celebrated like every year. So already mark Gaperday in your calendar and dig out your old ski combo.

January 31st, 2018


Powder, slush and lots of events in the park.

Still best conditions at Snowpark Steinplatte and that means: Powder nonstop. High amounts of new snow and a lot of work are letting the park shine in perfect shape. Even the warmer days couldn’t change that. So mood is pretty good under the riders and in chill area.Currently there are 16 hits in line possible plus a lot of small side hits. All in all there are 42 obstacles of snow and metal in the three different sections. The „Slopestyle Line“ is as big as never before: Funbox 6m with pole and kink industry, 10m kicker, 12m kicker and 15m corner.Within next time the obstacles of snow gonna get bigger and the last jibs will be integrated in the terrain step by step.

Update Funline:
The amounts of fresh snow lead to bigger banks and waves.

The last public shooting was happening successfully end of last year. You can find the pictures under: Next public shooting for everyone is going down on saturday 10th of february. So show your best tricks on different obstacles and download them later on our homepage in high quality.In the meantime there was a photo shooting from Freezing Motions by Klaus Listl. Top shots are available under the following link: Season video from this winter is already in the box:
Game of go-shred #2 was again a succeeded event at 27th of january with numerous members. Best weather, a smooth atmosphere plus a super organization by the guys of go-shred around Martin Winchenbach. Here a small recap video.
From 9th to 11th February the Blue Parks Winter Weekend hosted by Kalle Ohlson is happing again at Snowpark Steinplatte.
March is starting with talent coaching Sprungbrett by Nicola Thost.Further Information regarding dates and registration are availible now under

Dezember 21st, 2017


Powder and smooth park runs

At Snowpark best snow conditions for years are obtaining this season. Through very high artificial snow production and enough nature snow, snowpark was able to open simultaneously with the ski resort.The shape crew is working for nearly three weeks and busy building up new obstacles.All lines will be open almost to its full length for winter holidays with 25 obstacles of metal and snow.Already with beginning of the winter the main section got it’s first 12m kicker - a second kicker 14m is in process of planning and won’t be long in coming.A season start right after our taste. Endless powder lines and soft landings in the park.
Info recent setup here.

Since mid of December Triassic Funline is open in it’s full length. A slalom, „the tunnel“, numerous banks and wave tracks are offered for young and old. High five hands are distributed around the whole line, can you find them all?Two small kicker banks to try out your first jumps are one of the novelties this winter. Within the new year you can look forward to more upgrades like the Xylophone Dino.
At snowpark we gonna let the year end with the Public Photoshooting for everybody on 29th of December. Show your best tricks and marvel at them later at our homepage.On 27th of January the Game of go-shred is written in our event calendar. A playful contest with BBQ, free drinks and for sure a lot of prices.
Further Information regarding dates and registration are availible now under events.

merry christmas and a happy new year

Oktober 23rd, 2017

Setupshooting 24.1.17 2017 für Facebook LOGO 27

Winter is knocking on the door

It's time to put the bikes, skate - and surfboards away. The dearly beloved boards and skis gonna get some new wax and the equipment will be digged out. The High Five Snowparks crew is already on site and stepping on the gas. Obstacles are being serviced, upgraded and are getting its new shine. You can look forward to a new quad kink and a new down rail from IOU Snow, plus some upgraded industry pipes.

The Ski resort used the summer to expand its artificial snow production. Thanks to the fourth water reservoir on the mountain, the park can be covered in artificial snow from the begging of the first cold phase and first creative lines won’t be long in coming.

Our small guest can discover a lot of new things on Triassic Funline. Get your experience with Triassi and his friends on a run over waves, banks, small kickers and exciting tunnel passes. With higher security in artificial snow, Triassic Funline also can be opened hopefully as soon as possible.

The event calendar is growing again this season.Winter in the park is starting with a playful game of go-shred. February is vacation time and therefor main time for kids and familys. So it’s starting with the three-day Blue Parks kids camp hosted by pro snowboarder Kalle Ohlson, as well with the Sprungbrett talent scouting by Olympia winner Nicola Trost and her team. Attendance is limited with both events. Early booking will be worth it.Contest rider pay attention! After more than 10 years the Sick Trick Tour is back with a slopestyle contest on Steinplatte and the park is gonna be host of the tour final on march 24. Same procedure as every year. Gaperday is gonna be again the big season end party with a fine spring session, including BBQ, DJ and one or more special elements.

Further information about dates and registration are now available under: Events

As usual we gonna keep you updated over our FB and Instagram channels.

April 10, 2017

Gaperday 17 by Freezing Motions 145

Season is finally over. We want to say thanks to all riders, helpers and supporters for another awesome winter. Have a nice summer and see you next year!

March 25, 2017

What's new?

Due to the weather conditions in the last couple weeks we have to prepone the seasons final to 8th of April. As usual we celeprate with Gaperday.
The park will be rideable in its full length until then and of course: "we shape daily for you."

March 1, 2017

Setupshooting 24.1.17 2017 für Facebook LOGO 10

What’s new?

The season is in full swing and the park is going nuts. Free skiers and snowboarder of all kinds have come to shred at ours.Every day newly shaped elements and varied lines are our daily bread. It goes without saying that everyone puts on a big smile when chilling at our chillarea after a few of those long runs through the park.The holiday period is slowly drawing to a close and the park crew has been enthusiastic to make an impression once more. The set up has changed quite a bit. We made modifications in every section. Come and enjoy our spring set up!

The public photo shoot and the go-shred rail bingo event were the absolute highlights in February.

The photo competition has ended and we have a winner. Congratulations to David Koeck! He got the most likes on Facebook and can enjoy a nice goody bag from High Five Snowpark.
The first go-shred rail bingo at Steinplatte was a great success. More than 50 motivated riders showed their skill and won cool prizes. DJ Marlon and barbecue master Robby made the day perfect. Many holiday guests came round for the jamsession and cheered the riders on.

Shred Unit
At the same time the girls from Shred Unit had their first session in our park. The Coaches Nadja Flemming, Hedieh and Patrizia Holzmann went out with their girls and improved style, tricks and skills.Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all the organisers, participants and people who helped to make February so successful!Watch the highlights-clip and photos here.

You would like to get your most creative shot on canvas for your living room? Go shred at the park, get your camera out and upload the photo on our page while tagging at least three of your shred buddy’s.

upcoming events:
We are hosting the kids camp again at Easter - so come and „ride with a pro“! Three days full of action and coaching - including video analysis, good food and the final contest from the 7th to the 9th of April 2017. More information and registration at:

January 27, 2017

Steinplatte High Five Snowparks WEB 3

Whats new in the park?

The snow canons have been running day and night, heaps of artificial snow and natural pow have been piled up,formed and made ready for an element. The hard work of the last weeks have been payed off - the park is almost at its full length, the setting up is done. Our setup consists of 30 different hits. You can see a short clip of our work here.
We have changed the park design quite a bit. Last year our mid section was a industry line, this year you can find a varied jib line with boxes, pipes, rails and hips. Getting curious? You can find a teaser of the set up at the moment here and the set up video.
We are always busy giving the set up a fine tune. Make sure you like us on Facebook and instagram to get weekly updates on the set up.

Our Triassic Funline has also changed, thanks to the snow master of the ski resort we were able to build banked slalom, wave lines and jumps bigger and wider than before. Come around and have fun! Find the teaser here.

Compition Triassic Funline
Post your greatest and most creative family photo from the Triassic Funline on our Facebook site and tag at least three of your friends and win great prizes.
1. prize: two children tickets for one day in winter.
2. prize: two children tickets for one day in Triassic Park in summer.
3. prize. small prizes like dinosaur soft toys, hats, scarfs etc from Triassic Park.

Last day of competion is 26 of febuary 2017.

Photoshoot for everyone - like last year, the public shooting is on again. You should fine tune your tricks and style until the 11th of February so that you can get a great shot. Just have look at which element our photographer is at and show your best trick. The photo with the most likes will get a goody bag from HighFiveSnowparks.

Contest: The 2nd **go-shred Rail Bingo** of the season 2016/2017 will go down on the 26th of February at Snowpark Steinplatte. Its a combination of game and contest for you guys to improve your skills.The **Freeskier and Snowboarder** start jamsessions in small groups according to their skill level. Just like the old bingo game, you got to get a line on you bingo sheet. The fields have tricks instead of numbers, which you should land tidy at the rail set.
The participants, judges and spectators will give you advice, so that every one learns a new trick.
We also have a grill session organized by SHRED UNIT.

You can win, besides the free bbq, tons of prizes from **Volcom, Vans, Neff Headwear, Blue Tomato and of course from the fine collection**.

You can find all the details here and at or Facebook

January 10, 2017

Steinplatte High Five Snowparks WEB 1

Park is open, come and visit us :-)

December 4, 2016

Snowpark Steinplatte Overview Saison 2014-15 (21)

What's up in the park?
The first cold phase this winter has passed and the snow cannons have been blasting, so that the resort will open next Thursday, the 8th of December. However, the snow park team has to be patient, as there is not enough artificial snow yet and unfortunately, the rain has melted the natural snow. But this will not let us down as the new season is about to start. The dudes from High Five are full of ideas and are positive to present you a marvellous little set up until Christmas.

You can find up to date news as usual on Facebook and Instagram.

Whats new:
The mid-section will get a new easy/medium line. Especially for this we got a new "Transformer Box" which is 15m long. We will also widen the fun-line after "the snake" and prepare more highlights all the way to the 8-person chairlift "Steinplatte".Our bully drivers are thrilled about the new Kässbohrer bully 400 Park Pro. This addition gives us new possibilities creating and maintaining the park.

The High Five Snowparks crew together with "Go-Shred" will host the first ski- and snowboard contest on Steinplatte for years. The setup will satisfy the needs for rookies and pros alike. Nice tunes and a barbeque organised by Volcom will round it up.Same as last year, we will have a public shooting on the 11th of February - everybody is welcome!Pro Snowboarder Kalle Olsen will organise another Blue Parks Kids Camp for the little ones from 7th to 9th of April. We celebrate the winter by getting out granddads ski suit, when Steinplatte calls you for the season highlight GAPERDAY. We guarantee happy faces, great beats until sunset and tasty things from the barbeque. You can find additional information here.

High Five Shred Together
High Five Shrek Together is a video series (Webisode) appearing monthly on the website. That allows you to check what is going on in the park. For this reason we have found a great local shred-team for you: Felix Althammer, Daniel Gassner and Max Kaffl.

April 5, 2016


End of season:

A short but very intense season under the direction of the High Five Snowparks Crew has come to an end. Many thanks to all photographers, cinematographer and aids for your support and of course thanks to all who came to rider and shred.

Blue Parks Kids Camp:
The Blue Park Kids Camp took place at the Easter weekend. Children from 6 – 17 years have worked on their style and tricks for two days, to show off their new skills in the final contest. Coach Kalle Ohlson cheered the kids on to new heights, some of them even landed their first backflip! You can find the pics of the camp here.
Sun rise Shooting:
The mood couldn’t have been better in the morning session. The rising sun and the superb special set up were motivating the riders to give it all even at this early hour. You can find the results here.
Gaper day:
Sun, special-set up, music, beer, hot dogs and a massive amount of good-spirited gapers. You couldn’t wish for more! The whole thing was photographed by Klaus Listl (Freezing Motion) and filmed by Armin Grissemann.

March 21, 2016

shooting 8.Feb (59 von 66)

What’s happening in the park?
We’ve got 19 possible hits in a 1500m line with boxes, rails, tubes, kicker,corners and hips. Riders from all over have come to shred, enjoy their runs through the park sharing the same opinion: One of the best jiblines in Austria. Check out the current setup:
Reconstruction of the end section:
The snow park team has been busy in the recent days and redesigned the whole end section. Several jumps made of snow plus a few elements completing the line will lead you to the lift.
There was a chance to win a free ski pass on our instagram account. The winner was drawn on the 11th of March: congratulations to Cara Maria Steinbach and Paul Reisch.
Keep following us on instagram
Shooting time:
Last weekend it was time again for filming. Free-skiers and snowboarders from near and far were filming for two days showing some sick tricks. Friday was themed - best trick session. On Saturday things went on with filming follow lines – ride together and have fun. Have a look at the full-length videos here.
Triassic Funslope:
Fun for young and old. Our Triassic Funslope with all its different attractions enjoys great popularity. You can find a recent video here.
Blue Parks kids camp & Alps Tour finale:
Snowboard pro Kalle Ohlsen and free ski pro Niklas Errikson show you how to gain your first slide-experiences or how to get better from the 26th to the 28th of March. Video analysis and lunch with the judges is inclusive. The three day camp will conclude with a final contest. More information and registration can be found under
Just as in the last years you need to get out grand pa’s old ski suit from the 80s and come shred the Snowpark Steinplatte. This day is themed "bad taste and nice tricks". We’ll have a DJ with nice beats for the whole day. In addition you get fresh hot dogs and the park crew will construct a ‘special’ element for you.

February 10, 2016

shooting 8.Feb (13 von 66)

What’s up in the park?
Winter left us waiting for a long time, but at last we are done setting up the park. We are thrilled to see everybody going haywire in the park now. Unfortunately, we couldn’t perform magic, due to the lack of snow there are no medium kickers. But on the positive side: with our jib line with fifteen, yes, fifteen hits in line, your jibber heart should beat faster.

Public Shooting:
Last Monday our public shooting was going down in bright sunlight. A lot of freestyle enthusiasts used the opportunity to get a couple shots done. You can find them here:

New webcam:
From now on our new snowpark webcam is online. You can now check the weather and the setup in the main section.

The funslope has reached its full length now and riders of all ages seem over the moon about it. Start at the dino, go over the steep turns, wave course and slalom into the ‘tunnel’ and onto easy slide elements and hands to give high fives to. You can find up-to-do date photos here:

January 13, 2016

newspost 13.01.2016
Parkopening 23.01.2016

Parkopening on January the 23rd
Finally time has come, winter is here. Additionally production of artificial snow is on full blast. We are optimistic that we can open the park on January the 23rd. We gonna use the next days to make the best of the snow to deliver a fine and nice setup for you.

January 3, 2016


Happy new year!
We have good news at the start of the year. At last the temperatures have dropped so that we could start the snow cannons. Artificial snow is being produced day and night hopefully enabling us to start setting up the park soon.
The snowpack crew have started work and can hardly wait to present to you the first small set up. For the time being we’ll have an easy box line as well as an advanced jib line in the top section of the park. Snow conditions allowing we will expand the set up as quickly as we can in order to reach the full 1500 meters park length. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date photos.

well and truly yours,
the park crew

December 1, 2015

Snowpark Steinplatte Snowboard Saison 2014-15 (37)

An action-packed season
Soon it is time again.. temperatures are falling, the first snow has arrived at Steinplatte and the first days of shredding at the glaciers made every body smile all over. Soon time has come...temperatures are falling, first snow on Steinplatte has dumped and the shred days on the glaciers conjured a smile on everyone’s face. The Snowpark crew is in big anticipation and the preparations are nearly completed. The fingers of the snow crew are itching in anticipation and the preparations are nearly done . So we can present you the first facts of the upcoming season.

The Bergbahn Steinplatte has built a 25 meter wide tunnel above the logging road to the 8er Steinplatte lift. Through this ground work a whole new area was created going up to the entrance to the 6er Kappelbahn. This new „Endsection“ means an extension the snowpark of about 400 meters to a full length of 1500 meters with about 15 obstacles in line. Highlights within the endsection are the new pro kicker and the XXL snowbox with different obstacles plus further jibs until the lift entrance. Additionally, you can look forward to check out a new c-tube, an elbow industry , a pole jam and a stair set.
Different events are planned for the upcoming season. Photo- and video shootings in the different areas of the snowpark are spread over the season. At the Easter holidays Blue Parks is hosting a three-day kids camp coached by pro riders (Kalle Ohlsen and Niklas Eriksson) rounded up by contest on the last day. The contest is going down on Easter Monday and is open for every age group. The end of the season at Steinplatte will be celebrated with the legendary/great/fantastic Gayper-Day. You can find further information under the link Events.

The Triassic Funslope will be extended through new attractive elements for young and old.

Season Opening 2015/2016 is on Saturday, the 5th of December 2015 (depending on the snow situation). You can find the latest information under
Production of snow for the snowpark is starting as soon as the temperatures are falling again. We will keep you updated here and on facebook with the latest information and we will open the snowpark as soon as possible.