Season 2020-2021

Webseries Vol. 2 20/21 - High Five Shred Together

Big thx to Jonas Schnürch for film & cut Also thx to all the riders: Tobias Heigenhauser, Christian Kirsch, Reinhard Kranawendter, Andi Wörgötter.

Webseries Vol. 1 20/21 - High Five Shred Together

First Episode is out now. Watch some heavy tricks, nice weather and happy shred buddies. Big thx to Jonas Schnürch for film & cut Also thx to all the riders: ...

Season 2019-2020

Game of go-shred 2020

Game of go-shred 1st of Feb 2020 Recap Video

Season 2018-2019

Gaperday 2019 @ Snowpark Steinplatte

Seasonend Event at Snowpark Steinplatte. Big Thanks to all Shredheads, Gapers, Partypeoples and Helpers. We wish you a great summer. See you all next year. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Filming and editing by

Goshred Spotcheck Steinplatte Snowboard

Go shred Spotcheck at Snowpark Steinplatte with Max Zebbe and Kevin Trammer. Thanks Theo Acworth for filming and editing.

Goshred Steinplatte Spotcheck Ski

Go shred Spotcheck at Snowpark Steinplatte with Bernd Hager and Luka Pichler. Thanks Theo Acworth for filming and editing.

Blue Parks Camp Snowpark Steinplatte 2019

Video recap from Blue Parks camp in Steinplatte 2019. What a great camp. Big thanks to, Chris, Nilson, Snowpark Steinplatte, @Steinplatte, coaches, campers, ...

Austrian Freeski Day / 26.01.2019

Danke an alle Kinder und Jugendliche die an diesem Tag, trotz Schneegestöber dabei waren.

Season 2017-2018

Sick Trick Tour Finals 17.03.2018

Sprungbrett 2018 Steinplatte, Waidring

Enjoy our Sprungbrett finals Clip! Thx to Joscha Brinkmann and Alex Ardalic for filming and editing.

Parksession 31.01.2018

Thanks to all riders and Jonas Schnürch for filming and editing.

Followline vol. 2 / 16 hits in line

Follow Line Vol. 2 @ Snowpark Steinplatte. Thx to Max Kaffl and Daniel Lutz for filming. Music: Gramatik - Street Soul.

Season 2016-2017

Snowpark Steinplatte - Cold

Awesome snowboard clip created by JJMcKellar. Big thx for filming and editing JJMcKellar. Thx to the local riders.

Snowpark Steinplatte 24.01.2017

Highlight Clip January 2017, thanks to all rider and Chiemedia Team for filming.

Snowpark Steinplatte Setup Clip Season 16/17

Park setup and season start clip 16/17 Thx to our riders: Felix Althammer, Daniel Gassner, Max Kaffl Big thx to Jonas Schnuerch for filming and editing !

Season 2015-2016

Steinplatte Gaperday 2016

Sunrise Shooting & Gaperday Edit 2016 thx to all riders and party people special thx to Armin Grissemann for filming and editing.

Highlight Video Season 2015/16

Season 2015-2016

Season 2013-2014